Waste Water Treatment Plant – W2W

Onyx Projects was initially engaged by W2WA to manage the completion of the engineering design for both the Beenyup and Woodman Point projects. Engineering personnel were also seconded by Onyx Projects into key positions within the engineering and commissioning teams at both sites.

The scope of work of the Beenyup upgrade involved increasing the plant’s operational capacity whilst maintaining the current high levels of odour management.

The upgrade components included:

Wastewater treatment

• Four secondary sedimentation tanks;

• Three DAF sludge thickeners;

• Two sludge digesters;

• Sludge dewatering centrifuge;

• Additional grit washer;

• Three primary sedimentation tanks;

• An aeration tank.

Odour treatment for new infrastructure

• Odour scrubber system, including a 50-metre stack;

• Enclosed sludge load-out facility;

• Odour covers and duct work.

The Woodman Point upgrade works aimed to decrease the level of odours from the plant by 50% and increase solids treatment capacity to 177 million litres a day.

The upgrade components included:

Solids and wastewater treatment

• One egg-shaped digester complete with energy recovery;

• New DAF process stream;

• New mechanical process equipment including centrifuges, chemical dosing package, air compressors, pumps and site services;

• New high temperature flares, to reduce odour emissions;

• Refurbishment of the sequential batch reactor, to improve the quality of final discharge effluent and prepare for the odour control upgrade;

• Refurbishment of the tanker receival facility to improve operability and reliability.

Odour extraction

• Odour upgrade work on secondary treatment facility and solids processing areas;

• Odour extraction duct work;

• A new odour control facility to treat extracted air, including a 50-metre stack.


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