West Angelas Access Road

The West Angelas Access Road Project comprises upgrade works to Main Access Road from the Great Northern Highway to the West Angelas mine site, the West Angelas accommodation village, and the local Airport, totalling approximately 32 km in length.

The Works include:

  • Alignment improvements, both horizontally and vertically, to generally meet a 90 km/h design speed along the existing access road alignment
  • Sealing works to include a 8.0 m wide two coat bituminous seal (3.5m lane width with 0.5m sealed shoulder) on a 10.0m formation,
  • New sections of road, including a diversion around the Deposit B pit area.
  • Pavement upgrade, typically comprising 200mm gravel pavement overlying compacted select fill
  • New intersection with the Great Northern Highway, which will improve safety and sight distances
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